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Variation Reduction Initiative

To compete successfully in the global marketplace and to position your company as a world-class quality organization,
providing total customer satisfaction, you need to embark on Advanced Systems Consultants' Variation Reduction Initiative Program.
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Variation Reduction is about reducing the standard deviation on every process.

Variation is the main cause for defects, scrap, poor production yields and for instability and unpredictability in manufacturing and production processes.

ASC’s extensive experience in implementing variation reduction programs with Fortune 500 manufacturing organizations worldwide is the key to your success.

Variation Reduction Executive Overview
Implementation of a VRI program starts at the top of the organization and our first interface with a new client is through our Variation Reduction Executive Overview (VREO).

During our VREO, executive leaders will develop an excellent understanding of how variation affects product and service quality, performance, productivity and costs.

All the elements of the VRI are presented and discussed. Then, the implementation strategy is tailored to meet the customer's needs.

VRI at Flex     VRI at Multek
How do We Reduce Variation? The Methodology to Reduce Variation?
With M/PCpS™ you make an incremental effort to reduce the standard deviation and in turn you get an exponential improvement in the reduction of defects.
The foundation for all process improvements is to understand where variation is coming from, and then reduce or eliminate it completely.

M/PCpS™ is what makes every team, REDUCE VARIATION in every project, every study, every process, every time.
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ASC has the expertise and can provide all the consulting, training and implementation to create the infrastructure of a world-class organization.