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Variation Reduction Executive Overview (VREO)

All of our training courses and programs are "hands-on", and are offered at the client's facility (on-site), anywhere in the world.
Course Description
This Executive Overview presents the importance of reducing variation in all processes throughout an organization. It will provide executives with a good understanding of how process characterization and variation reduction affect the profitability of an organization. A strong emphasis is placed on delineating an implementation strategy that includes statistical methods for process characterization, optimization and control.

The overview covers basic quality principles, statistical techniques, improvement methods and methodologies to characterize processes and reduce variability in industry.

Participants will get acquainted with sigma, Cp, Cpk, PPM and other performance indices used to quantify the variability of their processes. They will also learn how they relate to the standard of Six Sigma (± 6s).

Finally, the essential elements necessary to deploy a successful, continuous improvement initiative throughout the organization is presented.

Course Highlights Customer Satisfaction
    What is Variation Reduction Initiative?
    Implication of Variation Reduction
    Cp, Cpk and PPM
    M/PCpS - Process Characterization
    Standardization of Statistical Methods
    The Five-Stage Methodology to Achieve Process Characterization
    1st. Stage: Process Delineation
    2nd. Stage: Metrology Characterization
    3rd. Stage: Capability Determination
    4th. Stage: Optimization
    5th. Stage: Control
    Improving Productivity
    Strategy of Implementation
    Managing for VRI
Duration: Typically 4 hours.

This session is exclusively for the Executive Leaders of the Organization.

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