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Recruit Mr. Perez-Wilson as an Executive Leader to effectively implement
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Advanced Systems Consultants has the ULTIMATE solution for organizations that are eager to bring a
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One Quick and Solid Execution Quality Ambassadorship
Mario Perez-Wilson announces the Variation Reduction Initiative at Multek's Flextronics Mario Perez-Wilson named Corporate VP of Quality
Mario Perez-Wilson disclosing a tailored Variation Reduction Initiative (Statistically Based Quality System) to the Executive leadership of Multek (Flextronics).
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VRI™ Variation Reduction Initiative
Success Stories
This quality initiative is specifically customized to your company's needs. It is a turnkey program that encompasses the entire organization.
VRI at Multek
The successful implementation of VRI at Multek, the PCB Group of Flextronics, is described in the article "Multek's Variation Reduction Initiative", published in the October and November 2003 issues of Printed Circuit Design and Manufacture. VRI at Flextronics
We create a deployment plan for your organization, orchestrate the efforts and make it happen.
Integration of M&A Sites Demand-Based Flexible Manufacturing
      Global Quality System
      Product Transfer Synchronization
      Speed in Execution
      Total Process Characterization
      Cycle-Time Reduction
      Human Resource Training
      Demand-Based Production
      One Piece Flow
      Kanban Systems
      Operational Cycle Time
      Variation Reduction & Total Quality
      Defect & Waste Elimination
Processes Information System
      Reliable and Defect Free
      Short Cycle
      IntraNet and ExtraNet System
      e-Global Library
      Standard Manufacturing Instructions
      Global Corrective Action/RPM
      Paperless Manufacturing
      Global Quality System
A Summary of Our Turnkey VRI at Multek (Flextronics)
Article Variation Reduction at Multek
We create a plan for your organization, orchestrate the efforts and make it happen.