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VRI™ - Variation Reduction Initiative successful implementation at Multek.

The PCB group of Flextronics International Ltd.
Our Quality Philosophy Integrating Mergers & Acquisitions
In a continuing effort to foster the integration of all (M&A) sites worldwide, and to promote the "one-look-one-feel " work environment, MPW focus his attention on:
      Designing a Global Corrective Action system
      Merging it with a methodology for Rapid Problem-Solving
      Global Quality Philosophy
      Establishing a Quality Council
      Global Quality System for PCB
      Standardization of Forms and Structure of Engineering Reports
      Under the umbrella of the VRI, all site protocols were integrated
To unify all sites and to further promote "one-look-one-feel", Corporate quality goals and objectives were established and published in a full color, detailed brochure for internal distribution and for customer awareness.
A Training Curriculum for all Employees of the Organization
Every director, manager, and engineer received the same level of advanced training regardless of their involvement with the VRI plan.   Why?     The reason is simple.

There is no reliable, long-term benefit for the organization which has only one, or a few, well-trained, prepared and skillful individuals who are subject matter experts (SME’s) on critical business processes. Inevitably, when such SME’s communicate, the non-experts do not understand what the SME’s are talking about. The non-experts cannot even ask questions, factually challenge action-decisions, or propose informed, viable alternatives. And just as inevitably, this schism between the knowledge "haves" and the "have-nots" yields frustration, conflict and the likely failure of the organization’s change and improvement initiatives.
Global Corrective Action/RPM Enterprise System CA/RPM
At Multek, the globalization of the CA/RPM system significantly improved response levels and interaction with customers, and raised the scientific professionalism of the organization when dealing with problem-solving.
The Global Corrective Action System (CA/RPM) was merged with a methodology for rapid problem identification, analysis, response and resolution, and developed into an Internet/Intranet software enterprise solution.
Rapid Problem-Solving Methodology BGA Via Plug Example
The Rapid Problem-Solving Methodology (RPM), a proprietary methodology of ASC, teaches all the steps necessary to correct problems. It was designed to speed up the execution of problem solving, specifically when responding to a customer complaint or to a stoppage on a production line.
Monthly VRI Presentation ENIG - Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold
Presenting the Characterization of ENIG.
Inter-Factory Product Transfer
A typical problem experienced by many global organizations is the transfer of product to a low-cost facility. To make the transfer seamless an Inter-Factory Product Transfer Protocol was initiated and further developed into a full global intranet software program, an important element of the Corporate Quality System.
Awards Completing M/PCpS Engineering Training
Hong Kong, Doumen and Zhuhai Facilities completing their M/PCpS training in China.
5 S & Demand-Based Flow Lean Manufacturing
In the first stage of M/PCpS - Process Delineation, the teams started by implementing 5S (Seiri, Seiton, Seison, Seiketsu and Shitsuke, or housekeeping, workplace organization, keep cleanliness, standardize and discipline) and also used decomposable mapping.