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ANOVA, the most important statistical tool in the field of Applied Statistics, is finally explained in layman's terms with process examples and instructions using Minitab.
Book Description Benefits
This book provides readers with a solid understanding of the concepts related to ANOVA and then demonstrates how it is applied to manufacturing processes. In addition, it covers how to use the Minitab Software from its most basic application, to the most complex, and for each of the real case-studies in the book.

The book describes how to conduct Analysis of Variance using two approaches. The Variance approach and the Sum-of-Squares approach are explained. All related topics to ANOVA, such as the Central Limit Theorem, F Distributions, Pool Variances, etc., are clearly explained by the author.

Examples are real-world case studies related to the fabrication of Printed Circuit Boards - given the complexity and challenge of the implementation of ANOVA in that industry.

  • Understand the most important and revolutionary tool in statistics.

  • Learn to make process changes with high confidence and low risk.

  • Apply Design of Experiments (DOE) with multiple factors and at multiple levels.

  • Learn how to apply analysis of variance to simple as well as to the most complex processes.

  • Learn how to use Anova with Minitab software.

  • A sample of real-world examples where ANOVA was applied:
    • Lubricant Evaluation
    • PWB Drilled Holes
    • Printed Wiring Boards Suppliers
    • O-Ring Internal Diameter Evaluation
    • O-Ring Supplier Evaluation
    • PCB Artwork Generation
    • Thieving in Copper Plating
    • PCB Via Hole Plug
    • Develop, Etch and Strip Process
    • Via Plug Process
    • Photoresist Stripper Experiment

Analysis of Variance Book
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  • ISBN: 1-883237-14-9
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