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Six Sigma

The book explains in layman's terms what Six Sigma is, and what it is not.
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Six Sigma: Understanding the Concept, Implications and Challenges is a unique, clear and concise treatment of what, for many, is a highly complex, even perplexing subject. Mario Perez-Wilson, Principal at Advanced Systems Consultants, once again amply demonstrates his mastery of applied statistics in this highly imaginative and informative treatment of six sigma quality level performance.

"Six Sigma" is at once a novel with a very human storyline, and a straight-forward, easy-to-read textbook. The novel is a creative, semi-autobiographical work which takes the reader through a six sigma implementation process filled with realistic, and perhaps, familiar work situations and characters.

The textbook explains in easy-to-understand terms, the technical principles and strategies behind six sigma-level achievement and performance. Such explanations are based on Mario Perez-Wilson's extensive and practical experience in numerous six sigma implementations throughout the world. The textbook even includes a quick-reference Q&A section, as well as a glossary of six sigma and other statistical terminology. These sections, like the entire book, are written in plain language with minimal resort to technical terms, and maximum focus on imparting useful information to the reader.

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Six Sigma by Mario Perez-Wilson
The book is appropriate, and especially useful, to the novice reader who would like to learn more about this much-discussed, even controversial, subject. However, the experienced practitioner will also find it highly informative.