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MINITAB® Training - Statistical Analysis

All of our training courses and programs are "hands-on", and are offered at the client's facility (on-site), anywhere in the world.
Course Description
This on-site course is designed to train the novice, as well as the professional, on how to use Minitab software for statistical data analysis. At each stage of the training, the statistical theory is presented in a comprehensive way using real-life examples. Instructions using full color software screens clearly demonstrate how to use the software. Our 18 years of experience teaching in various industries and consulting in applied statistical methods, problem-solving, data analysis, and experimental design is now coupled with the use of Minitab. We give you the most powerful and efficient training in Minitab for statistical data analysis.

We offer a choice of five, one-day courses to strengthen your analytical skill and help you master Minitab for statistical data analysis.

Course Highlights Minitab Software
Each course is typically one (1) full day.

MT1 - Introduction to Minitab:

Data Manipulation
Descriptive Statistics
Basic Quality Tools
MT2 - Fundamental Statistics

Hypothesis Testing
Sample Size Determination
Linear Regression
Analysis of Variance
MT3 - Statistical Quality Control & Analysis

Gauge Repeatability and Reprobucibility Studies
Process Capability
Control Charts
Multi-Vari Charts
MT4 - Experimental Design

Design of Experiments
Main & Interactive Effects Plots
Sample Size
Contour Plots
Multiple Response
MT5 - Advanced Experimental Design

General Linear Model ANOVA
Central Composite Designs
Split Plot
Response Surface
Mixed Effect Models
Duration: Typically 1 day each. The modules can be bundled to meet your needs.
We are Proud of Our "Hands-On" Training Approach
We take participants through lectures in which they learn the tools, methods, and concepts. Then, we expose them to the application of the tools to their own processes.

This is by far the most efficient way to learn the application of statistical methods.

ASC's experienced consultants can guide you, coach you and take you through implementation from beginning to end.
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