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Measurement Systems Analysis (Gauge R&R Studies)

All of our training courses and programs are "hands-on", and are offered at the client's facility (on-site), anywhere in the world.
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Gauges could be a major source of variability in your process! This hands-on course presents techniques and procedures for determining and quantifying the precision and accuracy of measurement systems (gauges and instruments).

Participants will learn how to conduct, analyze and interpret destructive, as well as non-destructive Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility studies (GR&R). You will learn to set up a program of Measurement Process Characterization in your organization. Learn from the experience of managing the characterization of 560 studies conducted in 3 months at 11 plants around the world.

Engineer doing a GR&R Study
Course Highlights We Wrote the Book
    Measurement Error and Uncertainty
    Descriptive Statistics, Mean, Range, Variance, Sum of Squares
    Accuracy, Precision
    Calibration, Discrimination, Resolution
    Repeatability, Reproducibility and Linearity
    Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing
    Gauge R&R Short Method
    Gauge R&R Long Method
    Destructive Gauge R&Rs
    Analysis of Variance
    Variance Decomposition
    Expected Mean Squares
    Analysis and Interpretation GR&R Studies
    Criteria for World-Class Gauges
Duration: Typically 2 days.

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GR&R Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility Studies Book

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We are Proud of Our "Hands-On" Training Approach
We take participants through lectures in which they learn the tools, methods, and concepts. Then, we help them apply the tools to their own processes.

This is, by far, the most efficient way to learn the application of statistical methods.