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Advanced Systems Consultants Fostering World Class Excellence

Celebrating 20 Years of Fostering World Class Excellence

ASC 20th Anniversary
Message from Mario Perez-Wilson

It has been my immense pleasure to be part of Advanced Systems Consultants since its founding two decades ago.

For the past twenty years I had the privilege of working at ASC and the good fortune of doing with tremendous pleasure what I love to do--helping others learn how to improve great organizations.

With M/PCpS® our process characterization methodology, total control methodology, classic six sigma, process optimization, machine and process capability study, customized training and consulting services, we have been privilege to enable our clients achieve and sustain unprecedented levels of success.

Looking back on twenty years, our focused dedication to our client's success has been the recipe of our own success. However, without the dedication and assistance of the greatest minds of our employees and associates, our success would not had been so privileged.

Looking forward to the next twenty years, I am very optimistic that our innovation and creativity in designing more powerful methodologies and our dedication in tailoring them to meet our client's need will bring forth excellence to our clients and a reciprocating success to us.

Thank you to our clients, associates and employees for twenty years of partnership in achieving and fostering world-class excellence.

Signed Mario Perez-Wilson