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Business Process Mapping

Advanced Systems Consultants specializes in training, consulting and implementing Business Improvement Methods to service and product providing businesses.
Course Description
Books & Software
This in-depth course teaches how to systematically breakdown a business process into smaller elements, map the process, define its metrics, and improve its overall performance.

Participants will learn how to identify disconnects in their processes and how to improve its efficiency, effectiveness, cycle-time and cost. There are no prerequisites for this course. Participants will learn the skills at a comfortable level.

Course Highlights Process Mapping Book
    Critical Business Issues
    Critical Success Factors
    Defining Process Boundaries
    Relational Mapping
    Decomposable Mapping
    Process Mapping
    Mapping the "Current" State
    Identifying Disconnects
    Streamlining the Process
    Cycle-Time Reduction
    Mapping the "Future" State
    Performance Metrics
    Data Collection
    Analysis and Interpretation of Maps
    Recommendations for Improvement
    Standardizing Mapping across the Enterprise
Duration: Typically 1 to 3 days, depending on your needs.
Business Process Mapping Book
Process Mapping - A Step-by-Step Approach to Map Business Processes. ISBN-1883237-130, 226 pages.
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The Tool Process Mapping
The Process Mapping book and our training materials describe our proprietary methodology for Business Process Mapping, Analysis, and Improvement.

Business Process Mapping Course

Learning Visio - Optional.

HoloVisual: MicroSoft Visio-2007

Step by Step Training and Practice
We are Proud of Our "Hands-On" Training Approach
You will learn the tools, methods and concepts and how to apply them to you own processes, and achieve immediate results.

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